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1. What type of circuit is Hydraulic Schematic #718

A. Unloading Circuit
         B. Circuit Breaker
         C. Log Splitter Circuit
         D. High-Low Circuit

2. What is item # 2

         A. Relief Valve
         B. Box with an Arrow
         C. Unloading Valve
         D. Cross Port Relief Valve

3. What is item # 3

         A. Unloading Valve
         B. Reducing Valve
         C. Relief Valve
         D. Bigger Box with more Arrows

4. What is item # 4

         A. Pressure Filter
         B. Water Filter
         C. Return Filter
         D. Pool Filter


With system Pressure set at 2100 psi, Unloading Valve Pressure set at 600 psi and using a 7" Bore x 36" Stroke Cylinder with a 3.5" Diameter Rod.

5. How fast will the cylinder extend at 1500 psi.    

  A. .5" per second
  B. 1"  per second
  C. 1.5" per second
  D. 2" per second

6. How fast will cylinder extend at 500 psi.

  A. 2.5" per second
  B.  5" per second
  C. 7.5" per second
  D. 10" per second

7. At 1600 psi how many tons of force will be generated when cylinder is extending.

         A. 20 Tons
         B. 30 Tons
         C. 40 Tons
         D. 50 Tons

8. How many tons of force will be generated when cylinder is fully extended.

         A. 20 Tons
         B. 30 Tons
         C. 40 Tons
         D. 50 Tons

9. Should the pressuer setting on item # 2 be set

         A. Higher then Item # 3
         B. The Same as Item # 3
         C. Lower then Item # 3

10. Who do you call when you have a Hydraulic Question

         A. MICHAELSON

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